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If you would like to send a comment regarding this Web site, we would be happy to hear from you. Especially solicited are suggestions on how to improve the site. Our aim is to provide you with pertinent information on the McCoy Pottery Collectors’ Society, the history of the various McCoy potteries, Fakes & Reproductions, as well as all of the other various aspects related to McCoy pottery, and its collection.”

Please note that contributions from readers are also welcomed. If you would like to submit a “Find” of a rare or unusual McCoy piece, or a story with any accompanying photographs about any aspect of McCoy pottery, we would be happy to receive it. Stories can range from such subjects as, “How I began Collecting McCoy Pottery”, to “A McCoy Hunting Trip Adventure”; or an article about some technical or investigative report you have made.

The McCoy Pottery Collectors’ Society has among its members many experts on all types of specialty collecting areas of McCoy Pottery. If you have a question about McCoy pottery that you would like answered, please let us know.   

We can assist you not only in identifying some unfamiliar piece, or giving an estimate of its value, but also in giving the history of the piece, as well as guidance on its authenticity. All that is necessary for us to help, is to submit your question and a side-view picture of your piece, and a picture of the bottom mark, if any. Send email to: